How is the US doing on implementing the Declaration?


A year has now passed since President Obama announced his support for the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. He also promised to Native Americans that he would take action to implement at least a few of those rights. Tribes across the country are using the UN declaration to seek changes in federal laws and regulations. Has the President fulfilled his promise and taken action, or will Natives once again be left out in the cold? The Native American Calling radio program posed these questions and more to Robert T. Coulter (Potawatomi), Executive Director of the Indian Law Resource Center.


Part 1 of interview from January 4, 2012: 


What is most significant about the US endorsing the UNDRIP?
How the US is doing on implementing the principles of the UNDRIP?
What is the latest update on creating a commission related to UNDRIP?

Part 2: 

What is the Draft General Principles of Law?
What do you say to those who say it will not make a difference?
What’s the most important thing to do in 2012 to move the UNDRIP forward?